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October 09, 2005

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

While reading today's Elias Says... on ESPN, two items caught my interest:

  • Craig Biggio hit three doubles Saturday, two of them going to left field and one to center. Biggio had 67 extra-base hits during the regular season, 64 of which were hit to left field (he had two to center, one to right). Biggio had the highest percentage of pulled extra-base hits among players with at least 50 extra-base hits this season.
This made me think of the other night when Chone Figgins legged out a triple hit to left, and I thought "Wow, you don't see that often". And then a light bulb. In one of my Triples and Stolen Bases posts, I wondered how a player could hit so many doubles but so few triples--especially those with a bunch of stolen bases--and postulated that they were "anti-hustlers". But maybe they were just right-handed extreme pull hitters? Here are the single-season leaders, again. Anybody know about these guys?
Name Year SB 3B 2B
Miguel Dilone 1978 50 0 8
Mariano Duncan 1986 48 0 7
Davey Lopes 1985 47 0 11
Jose Canseco 1988 40 0 34
Rickey Henderson 1999 37 0 30
Bob Dernier 1983 35 0 10
Eric Davis 1993 33 0 17
Frank Taveras 1980 32 0 27
Derek Jeter 2002 32 0 26
Larry Lintz 1976 31 0 0
Lenny Dykstra 1992 30 0 18
Jeff Bagwell 1999 30 0 35
And this one:
  • Aaron Small, 10-0 during the regular season, was the first pitcher ever to lose a postseason game following a season in which he was 5-0 or better. Two pitchers suffered postseason losses after seasons in which they were 4-0: Larry Gura of the 1976 Royals and Chad Qualls of the 2004 Astros.
Gee, if you read this blog, you would have (pretty much) known this already....Hmm, maybe they're readers??


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