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August 18, 2005

Interesting Streaks III - Willis, Ichiro, & Carpenter

Gotta Be Perfect
Dontrelle Willis has gone since June 13 (12 starts) without a win in a game in which he allowed a run...any run! In part this is because he has been bizarrely Jeckyll and Hyde during this stretch. Check it out:
Date   R
6/18 0
6/23 0
6/28 5
7/3 0
7/8 8
7/17 8
7/22 7
7/28 0
8/2 1
8/7 0
8/12 1
8/17 0
How about that 8-start stretch in which he allowed no runs four times and five or more runs four times?!

Unlike last year, Ichiro is not having an eye-popping season. So Ichiro's 5-game, 22 at-bat hitless streak was unexpected, but not shocking. But it's more unusual than you'd think. He's actually been just as consistent as last season, if less prolific. Before the streak, only twice had he gone even two games without a hit, hitting safely in 83 of Seattle's 103 games--similar to last season. Also, he hit in 12 of 13 games before, and now has an 11-game hit streak after. Love those anomolies!

Carpenter's Finishes
Chris Carpenter has completed 6 of his last 11 starts! He has gone at least 8 innings in 10 of those 11. Unsurprisingly, he is 9-0 in that stretch. Compare that to Kirk Reuter, famous for his 195-start incomplete streak, or to the Devil Rays, who have, um, zero all year.


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