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October 11, 2005

Vlad the Paler

No Horde of the Rings
The Yankees have now gone five years without a Ring. Actually, on their post-season roster, those who have won a championship with the Yankees outnumber those who have won for Boston by only 5-2! And players who have gone all the way with another team outnumber them 8-5.

Everyone's talking about A-Rod...
A-Rod's five game RBI-less streak in the series is not unprecedented, though still somewhat of an anomaly. This year, Rodriguez had only one streak of at least five games without an RBI, when he had an 11 game slump between May 27-June 7. Interestingly, he had driven in a run in eight of nine games before the extended dry period! He had two four-game streaks, as well.

But what about Vlad?
He didn't drive in a run all series, either. And didn't have an extra-base hit. If Matsui had hit a home run in the ninth last night and won the game, I bet all the chattering would have cast Vlad as the goat. It's less surprising from him, though. This season, he had two long RBI-poor stretches: he drove in two runs in a 16-game span between May 6 and June 12 (including a trip to the DL), and only one run in another 16-game span from August 16-Sept 1.

Extra Esoterica
  • Sluggers Sheffield and Rodriguez combined for one extra base hit in the series.
  • Nine of the ten Yankee pitchers gave up a run in the series.
  • The Angels had only two more walks (5) than triples (3)!
  • Darrin Erstad and Adam Kennedy combined to score one run.
  • Backup catcher Jose Molina batted 1.000 in the series (1-for-1). Chone Figgins pulled off that same feat for Anaheim in the 2002 ALCS.


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