Baseball Esoterica

April 21, 2006

Another Big Start!

Sorry I haven't been posting...just got a new job.

I remember a couple of years ago when Kaz Matsui homered in his MLB first plate appearance, that was pretty cool. Then, last year, when he did it again, that was really cool. So I was looking forward to his return to the Mets lineup. First time up tonight? Not out of the park...but he circles the bases for an inside-the-parker! I don't have the data, but I bet no one's ever hit homers in his first plate appearance of the year three years in a row, never mind in his first three years. I mean, if Albert Pujols did it, nice--but Matsui is no home run hitter. This is a guy who hits a home run once every hundred plate appearances when not leading off the season. So the tally stands at: 3 homers in 3 first-of-the-year PA's, 8 homers in 805 non-first-of-the-year PA's. Wow. Interestingly, Matsui's trifecta occurred in the same game as Julio Franco becoming the oldest player to ever hit a homer.

Extra Esoterica
In 2004, Matsui went 88 plate appearances until his next homer. In 2005, it took him 110 plate appearances to hit another one.


  • Damn. So what is the statistical probability of that, in fraction form?

    By Blogger TheBentKangaroo, at 8:52 PM  

  • >>I bet no one's ever hit homers in his
    >>first plate appearance of the year
    >>three years in a row
    From the (AP) recap of Matsui’s game
    >>His inside-the-park homer leading
    >>off the third made this the third straight
    >>year he's homered in his first at-bat of
    >>the season. The last player to do that was
    >>Ken Griffey Jr. from 1997-99, while
    >>with Seattle.
    Elsewhere (in other words, I don’t remember exactly where) it was reported that Matsui is the only player to homer in the first AB of his first three seasons.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:07 AM  

  • Yes, but no one else has done it in his first plate appearance of three consecutive seasons, first three or not.

    By Anonymous esoteric eric, at 12:09 AM  

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