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August 22, 2005

When It's Not Good to Hit Like Your Father

Poor Pedro Feliz. Last Tuesday, the Giants' cleanup hitter had his first five-hit game, including two doubles and a triple, but managed to knock in exactly zero runs! Huh? How does that happen in a game in which your team scores 10 runs on 19 hits and you're the cleanup hitter?? Most of the credit for this can be given to his predecessor in the lineup, number three hitter Lance Niekro. Not only was Niekro hitless in five at-bats, but he also made a third out in four of them! (the first, fourth, sixth, and eighth innings) The only time Feliz got to hit in the middle of an inning, he doubled with Niekro on first from a fielder's choice, but of course Niekro couldn't score without help from a Willy Mo Pena error, so no RBI.

I'd love to find the last time this happened, but I don't have the individual game data to do more research. Does anyone know if there's player-game data available anywhere?


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