Baseball Esoterica

October 24, 2005

More Runs, Less Walks

A few extra bits about yesterday's game:

  • Once again, Guillen did not use his bench, and with good reason: the Sox are hitting up and down their lineup. In Game 1, eight of nine starters got a hit. Game 2? How about all nine. Only Iguchi has failed to hit in both games!
  • When Bobby Jenks walked Chris Burke in the ninth inning, it ended an amazing string of White Sox stinginess. Sox pitching hadn't issued a free pass since the fourth inning of Game 5 of the ALCS, a span of 86 batters! (And, of course, that walk then scored the tying run!)
  • 12 different players scored the 13 runs in yesterday's game.
  • Believe it or not, the 13 runs scored made this the highest scoring game in more than two weeks. It was 15 games ago, on October 9, that Chris Burke scored the last 13th run of a game in a certain 18-inning affair.
Extra Esoterica
So Brad Lidge has now surrendered game-winning homers to one player with 41 in the regular season and one with...yikes! In their their last 900 AB (including post-season), Pujols had hit 65 dingers. Pods? How about four. Wow. Check out Jayson Stark's definitive account of these strange goings-on.


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