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August 25, 2005

Mets, Mets, Mets!

It's been a heady two days for the young Mets. Here's some of what they've done:
  • Before August, the Mets hadn't scored more than seven runs in any consecutive games, but have since scored at least nine on back-to-back days three times.

  • Before scoring 32 runs over the last two nights, the most they'd scored over two games was an unimpressive 20.

  • And they did it on the road (where they had been 24-35). The last team to score more than 32 runs in consecutive road games was Seattle on April 15-16, 2000, when they destroyed Toronto pitching in 17-6 and 19-7 victories. Unbelievably, they lost 18-11 the next day! Seven other teams have also done it since 1969:
    Runs Dates Team Game 1 Game 2 Road Record
    36 5/16-17/1979 Philadelphia 13-0 23-22 41-40
    35 5/4-5/1991 Cleveland 20-6 15-6 27-53
    35 4/24-25/1996 Minnesota 24-11 11-1 39-41
    34 6/12-13/1990 NY Mets 19-8 15-10 39-42
    34 6/14-15-1969 Oakland 21-7 13-5 39-42
    33 8/20-21/1986 Boston 9-1 24-5 44-36
    33 4/24-25/1993 Detroit 17-1 16-5 41-40

  • We've all heard that Mike Jacobs has hit four homers in his first four games. He has also driven in nine runs in 13 AB. The Dodgers' Mike Edwards has nine RBI's in 166 AB!

  • Jacobs has also reached base in 10 of his first 16 plate appearances (that's gotta be a record), including three walks. Last night, Jeff Francoeur worked his first non-intentional walk in his 139th appearance!

  • They hit five homers last night: two by 24-year-old Jacobs, two by 22-year-old David Wright, and one by 22-year-old Jose Reyes. That makes the average age per home run: 22.8!

  • Besides those home runs, those three young'uns went for variety--each was a hit away from the cycle: Wright and Jacobs needed a triple and Reyes needed a double.

  • Ramon Castro had five RBI's from the eight-hole Tuesday and two more yesterday. When's the last time someone drove in seven runs in two games from down there?

  • The Mets' 3-4 hitters last night: 1-for-11. Everyone else: 17-for-32.
Extra Esoterica: Check out the Braves 3-6 lineup spots last night:
C. Jones
A. Jones
J. Franco
J. Francoeur


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