Baseball Esoterica

September 15, 2005

Updates and Last Month's Leftovers III - Bonds and Jeltz Duel

In honor of Barry Bonds' return this week, here's some genuine Bonds Esoterica you'll only find here, folks!

On August 29 Detroit scored 5 in the first inning and lost the game. What's the most scored in the first in a losing effort, you ask? Would you believe...ten?!

On 6/8/89, Barry Bonds led the Pirates to a roaring start with a three-run dinger in a big 10-run first inning. Staked to that huge early lead, Bobs Walk and Kipper couldn't hold down those fightin' Phils. Long story short, by the end of the sixth inning, the Bucs clung to a slim 11-10 lead, led by two homers by...Steve Jeltz?! (For those of you who don't know the Amazing Jeltz, he was a career .210 hitter with two homers in 1,500 AB entering the game) And then the Phils put them away with a five-run eighth. So there you have it...up 10-0 in the first, and lose by four! Tough to do. Just as rare as Steve Jeltz out-homering Barry Bonds!


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