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September 12, 2005

Updates and Last Month's Leftovers I - Exceeding Expectations

Extra Effort Update: On August 29 I reported that there had been three games--including two in one day--in which a team scored five runs in an extra inning. The full moon must have been affecting me as well as the players, because I missed it on 8/20 when San Diego scored five in the 13th and Seattle scored six in the 10th! And, this past Sunday, Cincinnati did it yet again, putting up a five-spot in the 12th! So now that's six times in three weeks! In the past 35 years, I haven't found a three week period with that many--the most being four occurrences in July-August 1994. And it had only happened on the same day once in the past 20 years, when the White Sox and Indians both scored five in different games in the 12th inning on 8/7/94. And then it happened twice in five days! Unreal.

Extra Esoterica

  • In his first 45 games (as of 8/23), Carlos Pena had more multi-homer games (3) than single homer games (2).

  • From the Gee, Bob...That's Moderately Interesting! Department: In the NL on that same date, there were 10-0, 10-1, and 10-2 games. That actually also happened on 6/7/69. And just for your viewing pleasure, I will note that on 7/29/00, there were three 10-2 games.


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