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September 16, 2005

Updates and Last Month's Leftovers IV - One-derful August

One Is Enough Update: On August 16, I reported that there had been an amazing six 1-0 games in a span of three days, with two on each day. When Kansas City one-zipped Minnesota on August 31 (see below), it capped a surprising month, in which there were 12 1-0 games! There has never been more of these in a month's time during the current uptick in offense. It's actually been 13 years--there were 14 in July 1992. There were also 12 1-0 games in August of 2002. This year's number is also surprising since the first one came on August 9!
Saving the Best For Last
Minnesota, on their way to losing the last 1-0 game of the month, actually outhit KC 13-5! The eight hits is the most a losing team has been outhit by in a 1-0 game in 12 years. No losing team has been outhit by more in the past 35 years. And it’s the most hits in a 1-0 game (18) since 6/7/91.

Extra Esoterica:
Jose Reyes went 4-for-4 in a 1-0 gamefor the Mets on 8/19. I wonder the last time that happened?? For the record, in the 12 1-0 games in August, only 22 players got more than one hit: there were 19 with two hits, two with three hits, and Reyes. Oddly enough, one of the two three-hit performances (by Preston Wilson) came in the same game as Reyes'!

Coming Soon
Tune in Monday for the third part of my Triples and Stolen Bases series--the "Anti-Hustlers"!


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